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Question: What Mrmrhayy not received in terms of genre?
Answer: Several types of marble, and marble consists mainly of calcite, dolomite rather than calcite layers interlaced And dolomite for these two minerals react differently against payment and polishing the difference of color, texture and weathering resistance are not welcome.

Almost all marbles extracted for use in the construction of external and internal view of buildings such as stairs, floors, columns, walls and exterior etc. and the rest are used as monuments and sculpture and so on.
Question: Pure calcite marble is composed of quartzite and marble What is the difference?
Answer: Net consumption of calcite marble stairs and floors or in buildings usually quickly eaten out; if the marbles containing quartz and other silicate minerals are more robust.
Question: What is the difference abrasion and softness marbles?
Answer: For most uses of marble, minor wear, it does not matter And smoothness of marble is actually a good trait that allows easily work on it And when extracting or less also be used to pay the costs.


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