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Investment required $ 51 billion

According to the information stated in the annual general assembly of the investment required IMIDRO country's mining sector and mining industries 51 billion, which is nearly 60 percent compared to the master plan for the steel

Blue Onyx new product from Iran

Blue Onyx's first stone into blocks of marketing to China, and China has done this type of broadly Enix

Komatsu machines to the country's return

Official axis machines Komatsu company representative in Iran after a short break returned to the cycle industry

Next year, is selling Iran

Marini Italy next year's sales manager of rock called

Sitic $ 3 billion investment in the mining

Company "Sitic development" of China and IMIDRO, Tuesday signed a memorandum of understanding on the basis of one of them, the Chinese side to invest 3 billion dollars in Iran's mining and mineral industry, does

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