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How To Send Order

How To Send Order

1) Search and selection of stone

You can search for your preferred stones through the use of 3;

1.Use the search bar tool In the top part of the site, a search tool, and you can type the name of your stone to go directly to the desired product.

2.Using the classification of goods : Below the search bar tool categories are determined by grouping the rocks to click on any category, You can not be transferred to the advanced search page based paints , Refine your search type .

3.End bar site : The home page also can click on the respective group to be moved to the advanced search page. It also contains sections on special items,The latest and most popular rock rocks intended that these products can help you in choosing the stones .

2)Send samples

If you are in doubt and the need for physical prototype rock stone, you can click on the send samples, request a product sample to the manager who then completed post,Your selected rock samples posted to the address you desire and after confirming the product samples, you can finalize your purchase .

3)Add to Cart

After selecting the stone you decide to buy it ,  By clicking on the Add to Cart button, you enter the shopping cart page. If you want to buy more stones,They also add to your shopping cart for an order to be processed and sent to you .

4)Finalize the purchase

After selecting the stone and add to cart, you must complete and finalize your order.
1-enter to sang24 , 2-Complete the Shipping Info, 3-Review order and 4-Payment Information .




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