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Introduction Granite Rock

Introduction Granite Rock

This stone is a kind of plutonic igneous rock and is why it has the texture is medium to coarse grains. Granite is one of the heaviest rock and one of the reasons that it is used as a building material. Granite is used in the lab because the stone is very high resistance to corrosion.

The appearance of granite
This rock formation is cooling the molten mass and the way it can be a symbol of stiffness, strength and durability, he said. The stones in the colors white, gray, green, black and red to be seen. It should be noted that the granite is harder than limestone but are more uniform.

Benefits granite

As we have stated previously, this stone is a symbol of strength and stiffness than the limestone is harder and more uniform. This stone is not scratched easily and very high resistance to heat your show. Granite can be one of the best choices for exterior paved areas that are exposed to too much traffic, he said. Galaxy, BlackBerry chance, Carmen Red, Baltic brown, desire, rejection, Jvparna, multi-Color Vlgabv, Byrasr brown, green Byrasr, Paradysv age, people brown, Silver Pearl, etc. can be mentioned.
it crystal displays. We recommend you use granite is polished and burned the building together since the conflict, constitute a fascinating beauty.

Disadvantages granite

The amount of this metal from its advantages because the cost of mining, cutting and polishing it is very expensive. Other disadvantages of granite can be cited to ban its use in hospitals. Are.




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